John Oliveira & Sons
Stamp Concrete Inc.
Artistry in Concrete
Massachusetts and New England
Quality Unique Solutions for all your concrete needs
Oliveira Stamp Concrete now makes retaining walls much more affordable and suited to your landscape.
Custom Designed Walls
We make matching existing concrete much simpler and more affordable.
Our effective alternative to natural stone, replicating, in hue, complexity and texture, the look and feel of actual stonework, but without the cost.
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Our solution saves you lots of time as well as cost. Ask us for the details
Huge Advantage of Cost with the look you want
Patterns and Textures that you choose to fit your home
Advantages - Benefits
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Garden Border
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Retaining walls are generally made of masonry, stone, brick, concrete, vinyl, steel, or timber.
Here is our innovative alternative to real rock, field stone and block construction, using Reinforced Concrete with Rebar
Durable Stonger Than Interlocking Wall Blocks
Half the Price of a Real Stone Wall
Hand Sculpted by Our Concrete Artisans
Efficient Installed in About Half the Time
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Also offering
Cultured Stone Look
on any vertical wall inside or out!!
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