John Oliveira & Sons
Stamp Concrete Inc.
Artistry in Concrete
Massachusetts and New England
Quality Unique Solutions for all your concrete needs
    * Acid Stained Concrete
    * Cleaning Concrete
    * Colored Concrete
    * Decorative Concrete
    * Engraving Concrete
    * Finished Basements
    * Garage Floor Coatings
    * Interior Concrete Floors
    * Resurface a Patio or Walkway
    * Resurface Existing Driveway
    * Resurface Existing Pool Deck
    * Resurfacing Concrete
    * Waterfalls
   *  Decorative Concrete Patios and Stamped Concrete Patios
    * Acid Stain Basement Floors
    * Concrete Stain and Epoxy Garage Floors
    * Decorative Concrete Floor
    * Stamped Concrete Surfaces
    * Decorative Concrete Driveway
    * Decorative Concrete Walkway
    * Decorative Concrete Sidewalk
    * Decorative Stone Surfaces
    * Pool Deck and Spas Surface
    * Elegant Foyers
    * Colored Concrete
    * Decorative Concrete Walls or Vertical Wall
    * Concrete Stone Walls
    * Epoxy Flooring
    * Concrete Stamping
Over 30 Years in Stamped Concrete
Ashler Slate
Random Stone
Overlay Slate
Wood Plank
We do it all! patios,walkways,pool decks,stairs, walls
Pinwheels Compass
European Fan