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We can change a simple floor into an elegantly tiled surface.

Acid based concrete stains, as the name suggests, is the process of staining concrete with acid. The result of the stain is a natural design with permanent color that has a durable finish that won’t fade due to the nature of the stain penetrating the pours of the concrete. Many earth tone colors can be created with acid staining and when combined with patterns creates very attractive designs that resemble natural stone, marble or even leather.
Our expert applications of acid staining, epoxy coatings, and scoring to bring design and color to your old concrete for both interior and exterior concrete surfaces.
Decorative, stamped and epoxy concrete makes an ordinary gray concrete floor into a luxurious floor that resembles terrazzo, marble or glazed stone.
Stained Concrete Counter
Old Tile Floor
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Stained Concrete Floor
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