John Oliveira & Sons
Stamp Concrete Inc.
Artistry in Concrete
Massachusetts and New England
Quality Unique Solutions for all your concrete needs
* large fleet of trucks
* concrete truck
* 10 wheeler dump truck
* many other sized trucks
About Our Company John Oliveira & Sons Stamp Concrete Inc.
We are a family owned and operated business. We have over 30 years experience in the stamp concrete industry

We stay current with the technology by attending  seminars all over the country and learning new techniques and the latest products
Three sons who have unprecedented lifetime experience and knowledge of stamped concrete
Committed to long term customer satisfaction, they offer exceptional quality products and service.

Site engineering and preparation, always reinforcing the concrete with wire mesh and rebars, using the best 4,000 p.s.l. concrete are just some of what you can expect. Critical for true and lasting color, we integrate color in the mix and use dry shake color hardener on the surface giving the surface a superior quality coloring process.
Family Owned

Long-term Business Success
Latest technolgies
Huge Selection
Enormous Resources
to meet anyone's service needs.
Expert Staff
References are available and encouraged
* 4 inch line concrete pump to reach all
  of those hard to reach places
* large fleet of equipment
* big excavator P-C-150
* 4 yard front end loader
* bulldozer
* backhoe 580 super K
* 3 bobcats
* Heavy duty Concrete and asphalt Crusher
* large assortment of stamping tools
We can make and design anything for our customers, We have a very large assortment of stamping tools. Also, we make our own custom made stamps such as elaborate compass roses, country flags, borders, and many more.
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